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Christmas Tea

Preparation time

10 minutes




1 Tea Time Green tea and Mint T DISC

Wouldn’t some homemade Christmas tea be delicious? With TASSIMO Christmas tea, it’s quick and simple. Tea is always lovely, any time of year, but it’s especially nice on cold days. While you might use a teabag, at Christmas take your time and use fresh ingredients for the best Christmas tea.


For 1 Christmas Tea:

You'll need

How to make Christmas Tea

  1. Be sure your TASSIMO machine is on
  2. Select a nice tea glass or cup for your Christmas tea
  3. Use a knife to cut the cinnamon stick into small pieces
  4. Put 3 little pieces of cinnamon in your tea glass
  5. Now, trim off 5 cm of orange rind and put it in your tea glass
  6. Insert the Tea Time Green Tea & Mint T DISC in the machine
  7. Put your tea glass in the right position and press the button to brew your tea
  8. Stir through the tea with a spoon to blend the flavours into your Christmas Tea!

Is cinnamon not your favourite? No worries, just leave it out. The same is true of the orange. Have fun customising this Christmas tea recipe with the fruit or spice of your choice!


Tea Time Green Tea & Mint

  • 16 pods
  • Size L

Baileys Latte Macchiato

  • 8 pods
  • Size XL


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