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My Way

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My Way

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2 Products
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TASSIMO My Way coffee machines – The personal one

Do you wish you had more personalised settings when you brew up your favourite beverage? Then the best choice for you is the TASSIMO My Way coffee maker. Enjoy all the ease of use that comes with our T DISCS, and take advantage of the customisation options to make your drink exactly the way you like it. There are three colours to choose from: black, white, or red.

Which coffee pods can I use with the TASSIMO My Way?

When you choose TASSIMO My Way, there are more than 40 popular, brand-name beverage options available. The official TASSIMO coffee pods, T DISCs, help you whip up a delicious espresso, creamy latte, or hot cocoa in a snap.

How do I use the TASSIMO My Way?

Insert your preferred T DISC and the TASSIMO My Way coffee machine will use Intellibrew technology to scan its special barcode. Then it makes your favourite beverage just the way you like it. You can also choose to personalise the settings. Use the Sensor Touch control panel to adjust intensity, temperature, and cup size. The machine can save your custom settings for up to four drinks. The adjustable tray means that even larger glasses, like those for a latte, fit easily under the spout. Looking for first use instructions or troubleshooting? Have a look at TASSIMO Maintenance & Manuals.

Interested in a different TASSIMO coffee machine? Compare all our TASSIMO models or have a look at TASSIMO Suny, Vivy and Happy.

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