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Curious about the origins of your morning coffee?

Follow our coffee beans on their interesting journey from bean to brew. Keep reading to discover TASSIMO’S coffee story.

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Coffee is available in two main varieties: Arabica and Robusta. TASSIMO coffees offer unique blends of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Coffee beans that originate from different areas have characteristic aromas, body, flavours, and degrees of acidity. These unique characteristics are not only due to the various origins and growing regions, they are also linked to climate and processing methods.

Coffee beans are a natural product, and of course that means that each harvest produces a different result – that’s why we employ coffee experts to assess the coffee beans so that we ensure the reliable, quality coffee you deserve. TASSIMO only uses the best quality coffee in our T DISCs.


TASSIMO blends a variety of coffee beans from around the globe for our unique coffee recipes. This means we can create the broad array of aromas and flavours you know and love in our extensive selection of coffee products.

The way in which the coffee beans are roasted is key to developing colour, flavour and aroma. Roasting recipes are created by our experts to achieve the exceptional taste you enjoy when you sip your favourite TASSIMO coffee.

Another important part of the process, which contributes to the flavour of TASSIMO coffee, is grinding the roasted beans. We grind the beans for all of our TASSIMO products to a specific granule size to enhance the flavour and work perfectly with your TASSIMO machine.

group-bean-1 group-bean-2 group-bean-3 group-bean-4 bean2 bean3 beans

With the broad variety of unique blends offered by our top selection of excellent brands, there is a TASSIMO coffee to suit every taste. Do you prefer a delicious cappuccino or creamy latte? Perhaps you love a big mug of smooth Americano or an intense espresso? However you like your coffee, TASSIMO brews it at the touch of a button.

Each one of the carefully created coffee blends in our TASSIMO T DISCs has a unique INTELLIBREW barcode. First, the barcode on each T DISC is scanned by your TASSIMO machine. Then, INTELLIBREW™ Barcode Technology automatically communicates the correct brewing time, temperature and amount of water to brew your favourite coffee. Perfectly simple, every time.


We offer a broad variety of brands you know and love at TASSIMO. Find your favourites and discover new ones!

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