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Searching for a new TASSIMO machine, but aren’t sure which one is right for you? No problem! We’re here to help you pick the TASSIMO machine that suits your lifestyle. Just take a look at the TASSIMO machine comparison below, learn what differences there are, and find the one that best suits your needs.

TASSIMO models: available Bosch TASSIMO machines 2020

There are a lot of different coffee pod machines on the market, so it can be helpful to understand the differences when you’re selecting one for yourself. TASSIMO machines are high-quality, easy to use, and affordably priced. TASSIMO offers so many choices, you can brew flavourful coffees, delicious teas, a variety of hot chocolates as well as iced coffees, all by just pressing a button. We now offer a broad selection of TASSIMO models for you to choose from:

TASSIMO Machine comparison

Every coffee pod machine by TASSIMO is completely automatic, really easy to use, and offer a broad selection of hot drinks that you can prepare in the blink of an eye. They all have the Intellibrew feature, which gives you perfect results every time. However, every model has unique features and advantages that help you get just what you’re looking for. Ready to make the perfect match? Following is a summary of the special features offered by different TASSIMO machines to help you make the right choice.


Advantages of TASSIMO Vivy 2:


  • Single button makes it simple to use

  • Compact size fits perfectly in any kitchen

  • Maximum-quality flavour with Intellibrew technology

Discover TASSIMO Vivy 2


Less space and more taste. Have you been searching for the most compact coffee pod machine available on the market? Then TASSIMO Vivy 2 is just right for you! But, small size doesn’t mean less flexibility! Vivy 2 features an adjustable, removable cup stand—which means it fits all kinds of mugs and cups. Not only that, with this little powerhouse you can make 40 different hot drinks. Get the best tasting hot drink every time with innovative Intellibrew technology.


It’s never been simpler to make great coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Just choose your favourite T DISC, pop it into your Vivy 2 and press the button. Everyone can fix the drink they love using the easy One Button Operation. Intellibrew does the thinking so you don’t have to figure out a lot of settings. Just sit back and enjoy!


Advantages of TASSIMO Happy:


  • One touch operation makes preparing hot drinks fast & simple

  • Compact size fits almost anywhere

  • Eye-catching, two-tone design

Discover TASSIMO Happy


With its fun design, this fully-automatic machine offers one touch operation - TASSIMO Happy has everything you expect from a coffee pod machine while keeping it simple. All you have to do is pop in a T DISC, put your mug into position and press the button for your favourite hot drink in no time. With Intellibrew technology, Happy recognises which drink you want to make, and that means you get perfect taste and quality.


Want to make a bold statement in your kitchen? Space-saving and eye-catching at the same time, Happy’s fun, rounded, two-coloured design makes it stand out from the crowd. Do you prefer to keep your kitchen clutter-free? Because of its compact size, it can fit almost anywhere; but, don’t be surprised when your guests notice it right away. Looking for something more subtle? Happy also comes in a sleek, single-colour, black version.


Advantages of TASSIMO Suny:


  • Quick warm up means your drink is ready straight away

  • The Smart Start button is activated by the touch of your cup or mug

  • Great design, a variety of colours, and a bigger cup holder

Discover TASSIMO Suny


When it’s time for coffee do you need to make it quick? Well, there’s a reason Suny is nicknamed ‘The Quick One’! When you need to get going in the morning, you surely don’t want to wait around for your coffee. Not to worry, Suny will make your drinks really fast. Just push your cup or mug against the Smart Start button and your drink will be ready in the blink of an eye. Suny heats the water very quickly so it starts brewing your drink the moment it feels your cup.


Simple, stylish and compact, Suny is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen. Offered in four different colours, you’re sure to find one that looks just right with your other appliances. TASSIMO Suny has ample space to place your favourite cup or mug, even larger ones. The removable water reservoir located on the back can hold 0.8l. If you’re always on the go, this is the perfect machine to help you start your day.


Advantages of TASSIMO My Way:


  • Personalised settings allow you to adjust strength, size & temperature

  • Memorizes up to 4 custom settings, automatic cleaning cycle

  • High-capacity water reservoir and innovative design

Discover TASSIMO My Way


Do you like your drinks prepared just so? Finally, there’s a coffee pod machine that’s the perfect match for you! TASSIMO My Way lets you personalize all your drinks. Are you in the mood for an extra strong espresso? Would your best friend prefer a double cappuccino? Or maybe you’d both like a hot chocolate but you don’t want to wait to take that first sip? With My Way you can have it all! Adjust strength, size, and temperature to suit your taste. Make perfect coffee, tea or hot cocoa every time. And that’s not all—My Way is able to memorize up to four personalised settings so that everyone in the family can have their favourite hot drink at the touch of a button. Get exactly what you want every time!


My Way features contemporary design, with chrome details, and an innovative touchscreen interface. The capacious, removable water reservoir and energy-saver features, make My Way a great choice for any household. This smart coffee machine not only allows you a broad array of personalization options, it also runs automatic cleaning cycles after every drink. You’ll never end up with the aftertaste of coffee in your tea!


TASSIMO FINESSE, special features and advantages:


  • Innovative IntensityBoost feature offers even more intense taste

  • TASSIMO FINESSE is a real space-saver

  • Adjustable cup stand accommodates different-sized cups

  • INTELLIBREW™ ensures perfect preparation, cup after cup!



The TASSIMO FINESSE coffee machine is a real space-saver with a stylish, contemporary design and is available in an array of attractive colours. With the new, innovative IntensityBoost feature you can personalise the intensity of your coffee and enjoy even more flavour. TASSIMO FINESSE is compatible with all TASSIMO drink capsules. With 70+ drinks to choose from, you’re sure to find a favourite. Have fun preparing the drinks you enjoy with your TASSIMO FINESSE and then unwind with a cup of perfect coffee, every time.

Like our other machines, the TASSIMO FINESSE features INTELLIBREW™ technology. In addition, OneTouch operation means that your preferred drink is ready at the touch of a button.

Are there any major differences between TASSIMO coffee machines?

All of the TASSIMO coffee makers by Bosch feature Intellibrew technology, which means they can brew a wide variety of hot drinks perfectly every time. They all use the same type of coffee pods, called T DISCs—the only ones that are compatible with these machines. Choose any one of them and you find that it’s never been simpler to create a delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate. They’re all available in a selection of different colours. So, are there any major differences between Bosch TASSIMO machines? The simple answer is yes! You’ll find that each machine has a different design, water reservoir size, operating method, as well as unique personalization options. We’ve compared the most popular TASSIMO coffee machine models to help you decide which one is right for you.


Happy and Vivy 2 are both very popular coffee pod machines. That’s not surprising, both are reasonably priced, compact and simple to use. So, what’s the difference between TASSIMO Happy and Vivy 2? They have a very different look and feel. TASSIMO Happy has a fun, contemporary look, while TASSIMO Vivy 2 offers simple elegance. So, it’s simple! You just need to decide which look is the best fit for your personality and your kitchen!

Biggest difference Happy and Vivy 2:

  1. Playful vs. neutral design


While Suny has been around longer, Vivy 2 is a more innovative version of the original TASSIMO Vivy coffee machine. TASSIMO Suny & Vivy 2 machines can both brew up 40 different hot drinks at the touch of a button. However, the big difference is how the machines work, and that has to do with how the buttons activate the coffee pod machines. TASSIMO Suny is the only machine that features Smart Start technology: as soon as you push your cup or mug against the Smart Start button, Suny starts brewing your drink. On the other hand, with TASSIMO Vivy 2 you choose when to start brewing by pressing the one touch button after you’ve placed your cup on the holder. Then, Vivy 2 has 5 led status icons. The size of the water tank is another major difference: TASSIMO Suny has a bigger water reservoir (0.8l) vs. the Vivy 2 (0.7l). So, Suny can brew more cups before it needs refilling, making it a better choice for larger households on the go.

Differences Vivy 2 and Suny:

  1. One button operation vs. Smart Start

  2. 0,7l watertank vs. 0,8l watertank


Making a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is simpler than ever with either one of these automatic, coffee pod machines. That said, the bold design of TASSIMO Happy is an eye-catching addition to any kitchen while it’s compact size makes it a great fit. On the other hand, TASSIMO Suny is more understated, its neutral design harmonizes easily with a wide variety of kitchen styles. It’s a pleasant surprise to see how quickly Suny’s Smart Start System gets a hot drink in your mug, while Happy offers easy one touch operation. The TASSIMO Suny can make more cups with one full tank, because its water reservoir is a bit larger.

Differences Happy and Suny

  1. Bold vs. neutral design

  2. One touch operation vs. Smart Start

  3. 0,7l watertank vs. 0,8l watertank


Two of the latest additions to the TASSIMO line. The most innovative TASSIMO coffee pod machine yet, My Way allows you to truly personalize your drinks—you can adjust the settings to get the exact strength, size, and temperature you want. The Vivy 2 doesn’t offer these features, however it does have a compact design, making it more versatile and the perfect fit for smaller spaces. The chrome details and modern look of the TASSIMO My Way are complimented by an elegant touchscreen interface and a 1.3l water reservoir, so that you can make coffee and hot drinks for the whole family without needing to refill. In order to keep the TASSIMO Vivy 2 conveniently compact, it has a 0.7l, space-saving water reservoir.

Differences My Way and Vivy 2:

  1. Smart Machine with personalization options vs. standard pod machineBold vs. neutral design

  2. Modern look vs. compact design

  3. 1,3l water tank vs. 0,7 water tank

Which TASSIMO coffee machine is right for me?

Of course, in the end it’s your taste and your lifestyle that will determine which TASSIMO coffee pod machine is the perfect match for you. All TASSIMO machines feature INTELLIBREW™ technology for a great cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate every time. They all come in a range of colours and use T DISCs – the only type of capsule compatible with TASSIMO Bosch machines. The major differences are in how the models look, the size of the water reservoir, the customisation options, and how they work. Take a look at our comparison of the different models to help you decide which machine is right for you..





Cup size product product product product product
Adjustable cup stand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water reservoir product product product product product
Connected load 1400 W energy-saving 1500 W energy-saving 1300 W energy-saving 1300 W energy-saving 1400 W energy-saving
Dimension (HxWxD) 265 x 175 x 305 mm 310 x 400 x 265 mm 345 x 290 x 210 mm 290 x 345 x 210 mm 366 x 265 x 157 mm
Switch off automatically Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control control control control control control
Weight (kg) 1,5 kg 3,2 kg 2,7 kg 3,2 kg 2,1 kg

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