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    TASSIMO Finesse Blue + 5 Drinks
    Usually €176.93
    • FINESSE Lupine Blue - Coffee Machine
      FINESSE Lupine Blue - Coffee Machine
    • Costa Latte
      Costa Latte
    • Cadbury Hot Chocolate
      Cadbury Hot Chocolate
    • Costa Americano
      Costa Americano
    • Costa Cappuccino
      Costa Cappuccino
    • Costa Caramel Latte
      Costa Caramel Latte


My Way


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    TASSIMO Suny Black + 5 packs Coffee
    Usually €168.81
    • Suny Mystical Black - Coffee Machine
      Suny Mystical Black - Coffee Machine
    • L'OR XL Intense
      L'OR XL Intense
    • Cadbury Hot Chocolate
      Cadbury Hot Chocolate
    • Costa Americano
      Costa Americano
    • Kenco Pure Colombian
      Kenco Pure Colombian
    • Costa Latte
      Costa Latte
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Have a look at TASSIMO Machines: affordable coffee pod machines

Discover our line of TASSIMO coffee machines. Do you want a coffee pod machine that can make different hot drinks? A TASSIMO machine is perfect! Attractive, compact and easy to use. All TASSIMO machines are made by Bosch, renowned for high quality and innovation. Intellibrew™ technology means a smart coffee machine. After it scans the barcode on the T DISC, your TASSIMO machine brews your preferred drink. Just push a button and it’s ready! No more bother with measuring the right amount of milk or getting temperature just right.

Which Bosch TASSIMO should you choose?

TASSIMO offers a wide variety of coffee and hot beverage machines. Which model is perfect for you? TASSIMO HAPPY, TASSIMO MY WAY, TASSIMO VIVY, TASSIMO SUNY or our latest model, TASSIMO FINESSE?? TASSIMO HAPPY features a distinctive design and looks great in any kitchen. MY WAY lends your drink a dash of character. You can even make your own settings. Searching for a smaller coffee machine? TASSIMO VIVY is right for you! Our easiest machine to use is TASSIMO SUNY. Now, the new TASSIMO FINESSE offers unprecedented intensity. You can increase the intensity of any coffee with the innovative IntensityBoost feature for even more flavour.

How do you use your TASSIMO?

Every TASSIMO machine is easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you select the advanced TASSIMO MY WAY or the TASSIMO HAPPY, anyone can brew their favourite hot drink. First, purchase your T DISCS, these TASSIMO pods work with all of our TASSIMO machines. Do you have T DISCS already? Then simply insert the T DISC you want into the machine. Place a cup or mug on the cup holder. Now, press the button and your preferred hot drink is ready in seconds.

Which kinds of coffee pods are compatible with my TASSIMO machine?

You can choose from any of our official TASSIMO coffee pods, also called T DISCs, they are all compatible with every TASSIMO machine. You will find a broad selection of coffees and other hot drinks. Try our classic coffees, espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. We also offer special coffees like iced latte and cortado. Do you prefer tea? Select one of our popular blends or try a spicy chai latte! In the mood for a treat? Check out our delicious hot chocolates. Our range includes your favourite exclusive brands like Cadbury, Jacobs, L’OR, and Costa. Be sure to look at our selection of best-sellers.

How do I register my TASSIMO coffee machine?

When you purchase a Bosch TASSIMO coffee pod machine you can also register it and enjoy all of the advantages. You’ll receive a discount on your first order, personalised offers, recommendations and special tips. It’s easy to register, just follow the simple registration instructions.

Explore our selection of coffee pod machines

It is very easy to use coffee capsule machines and they are a great choice for those who love great coffee but prefer not to spend a lot of time making it. Available in a broad range of styles and colours, our coffee machines are quite simple to operate. Select the colour and style which is the most attractive choice for your kitchen or office. With our impressive selection, you’re certain to find the perfect coffee capsule machine to meet your needs at TASSIMO.

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