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TASSIMO Bosch Suny coffee machines – The quick one

TASSIMO's Suny series coffee machines offer an amazing variety of over 40 different hot beverages. Would you love to make your own latte but don't have time to froth the milk? With a Suny coffee machine it's no problem. Automatically and, better yet, quickly this coffee pod machine easily makes perfect drinks with and without milk foam.


Which coffee pods can I use with the TASSIMO Suny?

Any T DISC from our broad selection of over 40 different choices will fit perfectly in the TASSIMO Suny. T DISCs is short for TASSIMO DISCs. These are the official coffee pods for your TASSIMO machine. Whether you're ready for an intense espresso, an energising tea, or a creamy hot chocolate, TASSIMO Suny ensures that you get the perfect result fast every time.


How do I use the TASSIMO Suny?

Pop in a coffee pod, put your cup on the tray, and press it gently against the machine. This activates the machine. The Suny is amazingly quick and delivers your favourite drink in the blink of an eye. Every sip is so satisfying thanks to TASSIMO's Intellibrew technology. As soon as you've inserted the T DISC, the machine scans the barcode on top of the pod and chooses the perfect settings for that drink. Easy as that! Looking for first use instructions or troubleshooting? Have a look at TASSIMO Maintenance & Manuals.

Interested in a different TASSIMO coffee machine? Compare all our TASSIMO models or have a look at TASSIMO Vivy, My Way and Happy.

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