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What kind of Espresso T DISCS should I buy?

Take your favourite taste profiles into consideration. If you like a good, strong espresso, buy Gevalia Espresso pods, L'OR Espresso Fortissimo , Marcilla Espresso or perhaps you’d like to try a Jacobs Espresso Ristretto? Looking for a smoother espresso with a more balanced flavour profile? You might enjoy L'OR Espresso Delizioso or even some of our Decaf Espresso pods. Still not sure? Try them all and discover your favourite!

How do you make an espresso with TASSIMO?

All of our TASSIMO espresso T DISCS are compatible with Bosch TASSIMO Machines. As soon as you’ve chosen your favourite espresso T DISC, insert it into your TASSIMO Machine with the barcode facing down. The barcode tells your machine what type of coffee you’ve chosen and automatically adjusts the settings to brew up the perfect espresso. All you have to do is push the start button. Could great espresso get any easier?

Searching for something other than espresso pods or cups? Explore all drinks or try looking in the sections dedicated to cappuccino, latte, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or decaf T DISCS.

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