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Black coffee

  1. Add to Compare TASSIMO Café HAG Decaff pods
    Café HAG Decaff
    • 16 pods
    • Size M
    Special Price €5.56 Regular Price €6.95


  1. Add to Compare TASSIMO Café HAG Decaff pods
    Café HAG Decaff
    • 16 pods
    • Size M
    Special Price €5.56 Regular Price €6.95
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Have fun browsing, select your favourites and you’ll discover how easy it is to buy coffee pods for your TASSIMO machine online. Here you can find the widest variety of official TASSIMO pods – also called T DISCS – with over 70 drinks to choose from. Why do we call them T DISCs? It’s just a quicker way to say TASSIMO DISCs!

Create the hot drinks you love with TASSIMO T DISCS

In the mood for coffee, tea, or perhaps even a cup of hot chocolate? With our amazing selection, TASSIMO is sure to have just the drink you’re looking for. We offer the only official TASSIMO compatible pods. Have you been looking for coffee pods, cappuccino, latte pods, or espresso pods? TASSIMO has just the T DISCS you’ve been looking for. Love the coffee flavour but not the caffeine? Check out our TASSIMO decaf coffee, tea and hot chocolate pods. It’s really quite easy to make the most delicious, top-quality coffees and hot drinks with your TASSIMO coffee machine, just insert a TASSIMO T DISC and press the button!

What kind of TASSIMO T DISC coffee pods should I buy?

The best prices and the broadest selection are available directly from TASSIMO. You’ll discover how easy it is to buy TASSIMO coffee pods online. We offer a range of different coffee types, flavours and brands – we have everything from Costa coffee pods to Cadbury Hot ChocolateT DISCs. Choose your favourites or try something new, every type of TASSIMO pod is compatible with all Bosch TASSIMO machines. Need some help making a choice? You can take a look at our best-selling pods or read about our pods and the full selection of TASSIMO flavours and brands in our Guide. Feeling adventurous? Try all of our TASSIMO pods and find your favourite T DISCs online!

How do you use TASSIMO capsules and pods?

You’ll be happy to know that T DISCs are quite easy to use. In fact, it’s never been simpler or quicker to make coffee, tea or hot chocolate! The exact instructions for each type of drink are right on the package. These instructions will work for almost all TASSIMO pods. First, make sure the power is on and the water tank is full. Then, choose a T DISC and load it into your TASSIMO machine, with the barcode facing down. Firmly close the lid and make sure it’s shut. Position a cup on the cup stand and push the start button. Your delicious drink is ready in seconds! Need more information? Read more about how to use your TASSIMO machine.

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