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TASSIMO Caddy Machines by Bosch – The tidy one

Meet our TASSIMO Caddy T70 coffee machines by Bosch. The Caddy is the most organized coffee pod machine you will find. With an attached pod holder, designed to store your T DISCs, you will always have your TASSIMO coffee pods right at hand. All Bosch TASSIMO Caddy machines are delivered with two pod holders, offering space for up to 32 T DISCs. Choose the model of your choice and enjoy delicious drinks from your TASSIMO Caddy.


How to use the TASSIMO Caddy coffee machine?

Using the TASSIMO Caddy T70 is really easy. To make your favourite drink, all you need is your TASSIMO machine and a T DISC. Check if there is water in the water tank. Then all it takes is inserting the T DISC in the head of the machine and a press of the button! The machine will do all the work for you. TASSIMO INTELLIBREW Technology guaranties the perfect drink quality. TASSIMO Caddy reads the barcode from your T DISC to ensure you get the drink the way you like it. Looking for first use instructions or troubleshooting? Have a look at TASSIMO Maintenance & Manuals.


Which coffee pods can I use in the TASSIMO Caddy?

You can use all official TASSIMO pods: the T DISCs. Whether you like coffee, espresso, cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate: your TASSIMO Caddy can make all of it. Make sure to check out our T DISCs selection. Please do not use any coffee pods of other brands, this might harm your machine.

Are you looking for another TASSIMO Bosch coffee machine? Compare all our TASSIMO models or have a look at the Suny, My Way or Vivy machines.

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