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Craving some coffee right now?

Costa Americano

  • 16 pods
  • Size L

Jacobs Espresso

  • 16 pods
  • Size XL

Kenco Decaff Americano

  • 16 pods
  • Size L

Milka Chocolate

  • 8 pods
  • Size L

Celebrate Christmas With TASSIMO

Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? It’s Christmas time! Listen to cheesy songs all day, spread glitter around and start decorating your tree. TASSIMO celebrates Christmas. The best Christmas deals include TASSIMO Machine offers and T DISCs. A nice surprise for yourself, but don’t forget your family & friends! A coffee machine or their favourite coffee pods make great Christmas gifts for coffee lovers. Merry Christmas!

Looking For Christmas Gifts?

TASSIMO is here to help. Our offers make great gifts for coffee lovers. Ranging from coffee pod machines to Christmas drink packages or coffee accessories: we’ll make sure you can create your own coffee gift set. Save up this holiday season!

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