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what is hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate - also known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate - is a warm, chocolaty drink. Usually this drink is a combination of milk and chocolate or cocoa. An absolute favourite in winter, perfect for cold days. Hot chocolate is often decorated with whipped cream or marshmallows. Due to the full and creamy chocolate taste, the drink enjoys great popularity worldwide.

How to prepare a hot chocolate with TASSIMO

The easiest way to make quality hot chocolate is with your TASSIMO machine. TASSIMO makes delicious hot chocolate at the touch of a button. All you need to prepare a cocoa drink is your TASSIMO machine and a hot chocolate pod (T DISC). These pods are slightly larger than classic T DISCs, but fit perfectly into your machine. You will find the instructions on the packaging of your T DISCs. Insert the Hot Cocoa T DISC, place the cup inside and press the button. Can you smell the wonderful scent of hot chocolate already? Before you know it, your hot chocolate is ready. Most TASSIMO cocoa pods like CadburyMilka or Suchard are easy to prepare with just one hot chocolate pod. The exclusive variants such as TASSIMO Oreo and TASSIMO Baileys Hot Choco require two pods: one for the milk and the other for the chocolate. First use the milk T DISC to make the hot cocoa even creamier. Follow the instructions on the packaging for a perfect hot chocolate.

How to prepare a TASSIMO Oreo drink?

When you open the TASSIMO Oreo packaging, you will find two boxes of capsules. One contains milk pods, the other Oreo pods. First insert the Milk T DISC, then place the cup inside and press the button. When the milk is ready, simply leave the cup in place. Replace the milk T DISC with the Oreo T DISC. Press the button and the chocolate will flow. Now the Oreo milk mixture is created. A delicious Oreo drink - quick and easy to prepare.

Hot chocolateHot chocolate

How to prepare TASSIMO Baileys Hot Chocolate?

Baileys Cocoa is also prepared using two different TASSIMO pods: one Milk T DISC and one Baileys Cocoa T DISC. The best result is obtained by using the milk capsule first and then the Baileys capsule. This is the best way to mix the flavours. Enjoy a hot chocolate with the taste of Baileys.

TASSIMO recipes for hot chocolate

Hot chocolate simply tastes delicious and warms from the inside. Fortunately, there are many variations. You can use different toppings or create a completely new cocoa drink. With TASSIMO hot chocolate pods you can prepare numerous recipes. Try a peppermint hot chocolate, a chocolate mocha or have a look at all TASSIMO recipes.

Cocoa for TASSIMO: T DISCS & Capsules

TASSIMO offers different hot chocolate pods, from Cadbury Cocoa pods to Baileys Hot Chocolate capsules. All official TASSIMO T DISCs for hot chocolate fit into your TASSIMO machine. The best hot chocolate from TASSIMO? Find out for yourself and try them all. Among our bestsellers are Oreo, Cadbury, Suchard & Baileys.

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