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It seems that in no time at all the Flat White coffee has become a global favourite. So, what is a Flat White exactly? It’s another kind of coffee drink that uses espresso (or ristretto) and milk. But the milk and the way a Flat White is put together really makes the difference. The milk in a Flat White has to be velvety smooth, not frothy, creating the perfect flavour balance between the ristretto and the milk. The silky texture of the microfoamed milk brings the coffee flavour to the fore, resulting in an intense coffee taste.


A lot of people think that Cappuccino, Latte, and the Flat White are all the same. That's because the same ingredients are combined to make all three of them. However, the way those ingredients are composed is what makes the difference. We're happy to help you understand the difference between Flat White, Latte, and Cappuccino.


You’re probably wondering, why ‘Flat’? In this coffee drink, which originated in Australia or New Zealand, the milk blends with the coffee and there’s no separate layer of milk froth. It’s the super-thin layer of really fine-pored foam which makes the coffee look uniformly white. Put those elements together and you get ‘Flat White’. This special coffee isn’t the same as Latte, Cappuccino or Cortado. The size and proportions of milk and coffee are different. Because we specialise in coffee, TASSIMO is happy to explain what makes the Flat White different from a Cappuccino.


Many people think of the Flat White as the Latte’s little sister. It’s a smaller drink and it also uses coffee and milk. But a Flat White is made differently. The hot milk is silkier and not as frothy, which makes for a better balance between milk and coffee flavours.

You’ll taste the milk more when drinking a Latte; a Flat White has more intense coffee flavour. While Caffeè Latte - or Latte for short - is often served in a glass, the Flat White comes in a ceramic cup. Often there is only a single espresso shot in a Latte (sometimes a double); in contrast, the Flat White always includes a double shot of espresso. So, while the Latte and the Flat White coffee look the same, how they're served and how they taste is quite different. Similar ingredients but combined in a different ratio.

Flat white:


  • Uses the same ingredients
  • Has a more intense coffee flavour
  • Smaller than a Latte

Want to know how to make a Latte at home?


Making a Latte at home is simple, you just need espresso and frothed milk. Begin with brewing up a single shot of espresso in a latte glass. Now, steam the milk until you have foam on top and pour the hot liquid milk into the espresso. You can hold back the foam with a spoon if you need to. Lastly, spoon about 1 cm of foam on top of your Latte.


The Cappuccino and the Flat White may look like twins but they taste very different. You’ll often see both of these creative, espresso-based drinks offered in a ceramic cup. The big difference between these coffee drinks is the distinctive composition of a Cappuccino and a Flat White. A Cappuccino is three equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. A Flat White is made with a double ristretto or espresso blended with silky smooth steamed milk that forms what's known as 'microfoam'. Another name for Flat White is ‘wet cappuccino’, because the milky microfoam blends with the coffee, without the Cappuccino's distinct layer of milk froth. Read more about the easiest way to make a cappuccino.

Flat white:


  • Silky smooth microfoamed milk, no milk froth
  •  Similar in size
  • Unique balance of ingredients

Interested in making a Cappuccino at home?

Making a Cappuccino at home with your coffee machine is simple! All you need is espresso and frothed milk. First, froth the milk until you have foam on top and then brew up a shot of espresso. Next pour some of the warm steamed milk over the espresso and, finally, top with the foam.


For many, a Flat White is the small sister of a Latte. However, a Flat White coffee is prepared differently. The milk is more velvety and less foamy, which leads to a more balanced combination of milk and coffee.

When drinking a Latte, you’ll taste a lot of milk, whereas a Flat White offers a more intense coffee flavour. Latte is often served in a glass and the Flat White in a ceramic cup. The ingredients of both drinks are similar, but there are really not the same drink.

Flat white:


  • Is bigger than a Cortado
  • Contains more milk
  • Has a less profound coffee flavour

Making a Flat White coffee with TASSIMO pods

Did you know you can create a Flat White at home with just one touch of a button? All you need is a  and  for TASSIMO. Follow the instructions on the package. You’ll find two boxes of T DISCS: one with Milk pods and one with coffee pods. First insert the coffee T DISC and prepare. Then shake the T DISC for Flat White (with milk) and insert it as well. Press the button. The milk will flow and blend through your coffee.Your Flat White coffee is now ready to be enjoyed.


You can make a Flat White at home at the touch of a button. All you need is yourTASSIMO machine and Kenco Flat White pods TASSIMO, then just follow the instructions. Inside the package are two boxes of T DISCs: one is coffee pods and the other is milk pods. Pop in the coffee T DISC first and prepare it. Then, give the Flat White T DISC with the milk a good shake and insert it as well. Now, just press the button and watch the milk flow, blending with your coffee. Enjoy your Flat White!

Kenco Flat White

  • 16 Servings
  • Size XL
Special Price €4.86 Regular Price €6.95

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