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Chai Latte: what is it?

Ever wondered what a Chai Latte is? It’s recently become very popular and now it’s on offer in almost every coffee shop. India, Nepal and Pakistan are all home to Chai Latte and the main ingredient is tea. That certainly makes sense when you learn that ‘chai’ is the Indian word for ‘tea’! Chai Latte is black tea served with milk and spices. The most common spices used to flavour this drink are: cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. You can also give it a modern twist or personalise it with vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut. Are you curious to try this spicy tea-based drink with a dash of creamy milk foam? It’s easy to make at home with TASSIMO!

Making a chai latte with TASSIMO

Are you ready to try this super easy chai latte recipe? All you need are TASSIMO Chai Latte pods. Our tasty TASSIMO Chai Latte includes Indian spices, high-quality black tea, and creamy milk foam. These easy steps will have you sipping your own Chai Latte in no time.


  1. Take a large cup

  2. Insert a Chai Latte pod into your TASSIMO machine and close the lid

  3. Your TASSIMO will recognize the TDISC and use the correct settings for the perfect chai latte

  4. At the touch of a button your chai latte will be ready within seconds. No need to worry about water temperature, milk foam or spices

Chai Latte

  • 16 pods
  • Size XL
Special Price €5.21 Regular Price €6.95

What is a dirty Chai Latte and how do you make it with TASSIMO?

Adding an espresso shot makes an ordinary Chai Latte into a dirty Chai Latte. Just think of it as blending a regular latte and a Chai Latte. Something to suit both coffee and tea lovers! You’ve got the Chai Latte’s spice and the espresso’s kick. Making a dirty Chai Latte is simple, just get out a big mug, one espresso pod, and one Chai Latte pod. Now, follow these steps:


  1. Insert one Espresso T DISC into your TASSIMO machine and put your mug in place.

  2. Now, press the button and watch as your TASSIMO machine makes a perfect espresso. What fantastic coffee aroma!

  3. Next, exchange the Espresso pod for a Chai Latte T DISC.

  4. Press the button to pour your chai latte on top of your espresso, topped with a creamy layer of milk foam.

  5. You can personalise by adding some extra spices like vanilla or cinnamon. Now your TASSIMO dirty chai latte is ready to drink. Enjoy!

Costa Latte

  • 16 pods
  • Size XL
Special Price €5.21 Regular Price €6.95

Costa Iced Caramel Latte

  • 16 pods
  • Size XL
Special Price €5.21 Regular Price €6.95

L'OR Latte Macchiato

  • 16 pods
  • Size XL
Special Price €5.21 Regular Price €6.95


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