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When you’re in the mood for a coffee with a bit of creamy milk, it’s no surprise that you’ll find more than the standard macchiato and cappuccino on the menu. It’s wonderful to have so many kinds of coffee to choose from, but it makes it even harder to pick just one. Need a bit of help sorting out the different coffees made with milk? We’re here to help you figure out the differences between a cappuccino and a flat white, a latte and a latte macchiato.

How are all coffees with milk alike?

First of all, they all contain one or two shots of espresso. Of course, warm milk is essential as is the foam that comes from frothing it. So, if they all use espresso and warm milk, what’s the real difference between these types of milky coffee?


  • Cappuccino
  • Flat White
  • Latte
  • Latte Macchiato
Tassimo latte comparisonTassimo latte comparison


It’s been on every coffee bar menu for years, why? Because it’s famously delicious and loads of people love to drink it! Still, so many of us have been enjoying cappuccino for years without really knowing how it’s made. Now we’re going to find out what the difference is between one of the older members of the coffee and milk family and its younger siblings. The first fun fact: in Italy, cappuccino is traditionally only a morning drink. It’s unlikely that you’ll see a native Italian sipping cappuccino after breakfast. That titbit is worth knowing when you get the chance to visit the birthplace of this delicious milky coffee. So, in the end, what is cappuccino? The best things come in threes: cappuccino is one third espresso, one third frothed milk, and one third dense milk foam. The first thing you’ll notice when you start sipping your cappuccino is this firm but creamy milk foam, then comes the rich espresso mixed with warm milk. Can’t get enough of this milky coffee treat? With TASSIMO Cappuccino pods you can make a perfect cappuccino at home!

Tassimo latte comparisonTassimo latte comparison


Next we have what’s known as a flat white. This is the latest addition to the coffee and milk family, you might call it the new baby sister. What’s the most important difference between a cappuccino and a flat white? A flat white uses a double ristretto (rather than espresso) and the layer of milk froth is a different thickness. Using ristretto lends the flat white a fuller coffee taste and the frothed milk needs to be silky smooth and topped with a super-thin layer of milk foam, mixed into the warm milk. There aren’t supposed to be any air bubbles in the froth on top. If you want the milk flavour to take centre stage, just use a double espresso when you prepare your flat white. When ordering this milky coffee at your preferred coffee bar, the barista will probably top off the foam with an artistic flourish. The flat white is served in a smaller cup than the latte. Ready to try one? You can get flat white coffee pods from TASSIMO.

Latte comparisonLatte comparison


Latte is the word for ‘milk’ in Italian and Spanish, and you can think of the latte as cappuccino’s big brother. Still coffee with milk but larger and heavier. What’s the difference? You’ll find it in the ratio of espresso to warm milk. When you make a latte, put in two shots of espresso and then top it off with two thirds frothed milk and just a touch of foam. The key to a great latte is preparing the frothed milk, it’s best to mix the milk with the foam by swirling the jug around a few times. Next, you want to rid the froth of any excess air bubbles by tapping your jug on the counter once or twice. This smooth, creamy milk makes for an authentic latte taste experience. Another tip: if you want to order this coffee drink in Italy: be sure to ask for a caffè latte, otherwise you’ll just be served a glass of warm milk! TASSIMO has Latte pods so you can try your hand at making a latte at home.

Tassimo latte comparisonTassimo latte comparison


Last but not least, there’s the latte’s beautiful sister: latte macchiato. They’re almost twins but not quite. So, what’s the difference between a latte and a latte macchiato? It’s all in how you pour it! While with a latte, you pour in the espresso first and then the milk. When making a latte macchiato, the frothed milk goes into the glass first and then you pour in the espresso very slowly in order to create three lovely layers. The warm milk stays on the bottom and the single shot of espresso sits on top of it, covered by a thick, creamy layer of rich milk foam. Why not try making your own Latte Macchiato at home with TASSIMO coffee pods?

Now that you know the differences between these delicious kinds of coffee, you can create milky coffee drinks at home just like a Barista. All you need to do is purchase your favourite TASSIMO coffee pods and you’ll be ready to go!

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