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Which coffee machine to buy?

Are you looking for a new TASSIMO machine, but not sure which one to choose?

We will help you select the right TASSIMO machine for you.

Compare the TASSIMO machines below, discover the differences and find your perfect match!

TASSIMO models: available TASSIMO Bosch machines

With so many coffee pod machine choices it can be helpful to have some recommendations to find the right one for you. TASSIMO offers affordable, high quality and easy to use machines. With your TASSIMO machine, you can make not only delicious coffee, but an extensive variety of hot drinks including tea and hot chocolates as well as coffee brewed over ice at the touch of a button.


All TASSIMO coffee pod machines are fully automatic, really easy to use, can create a broad variety of hot drinks at the touch of a button and serve it perfectly thanks to the smart capsule recognition technology INTELLIBREW™. Every model has its own advantages and features.


Today, there is a broad range of TASSIMO models to choose from:


Compare TASSIMO Machines

Colour Cup size Water reservoir Connected load Control Switch off automatically Adjustable cup stand Dimension (HxWxD) Weight (kg) Full price Check our machine offers
0.7L 1.3L 0.7L 0.7L 0.8L
1400 W 1500 W 1400 W 1300 W 1300 W
Button Button Button Button Button
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
366 x 265 x 157 mm 310 x 400 x 265 mm 265 x 175 x 305 mm 345 x 290 x 210 mm 290 x 345 x 210 mm
2,1 kg 3,2 kg 1,5 kg 2,7 kg 3,2 kg
£119.99 £139.99 £105.99 £99.99 £119.99
Buy your Finesse Buy your My Way Buy your Happy Buy your Vivy 2 Buy your Suny

Compare TASSIMO Machines

My Way
Vivy 2
My Way
Cup size
All our machines can make coffees from small to XL
Water reserve
Finesse 0.7L
My Way 1.3L
Happy 0.7L
Vivy 2 0.8L
Suny 0.8L
Connected load
Finesse 1400 W
My Way 1500 W
Happy 1400 W
Vivy 2 1300 W
Suny 1300 W
All our machines are controlled by buttons
Switch off automatically
All our machines switch off automatically
Adjustable cup stand
All our machines come with an adjustable cup stand
Dimension (HxWxD)
Finesse 366 x 265 x 157 mm
My Way 310 x 400 x 265 mm
Happy 265 x 175 x 305 mm
Vivy 2 345 x 290 x 210 mm
Suny 290 x 345 x 210 mm
Weight (kg)
Finesse 2,1 kg
My Way 3,2 kg
Happy 1,5 kg
Vivy 2 2,7 kg
Suny 3,2 kg
Full price
Finesse £119.99
My Way £139.99
Happy £105.99
Vivy 2 £99.99
Suny £119.99
Check our machine offers

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