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High quality coffee machines

TASSIMO machines are created by Bosch, known for their quality and innovation. A perfect partnership. Bosch has the mission to make everyday life easier. This complements TASSIMO’s mission perfectly: bringing joy to everyday moments. Using your Bosch TASSIMO coffee machine will surely make you smile. Drinks brewed to perfection by a high-quality coffee machine, all at the touch of a button. The best coffee, tea and hot chocolate at home with TASSIMO by Bosch.

Bosch coffee makers: technology & innovation

Since 1886, Bosch has been making the best home appliances. Ranging from refrigerators and kitchen machines to electric toothbrushes and washing machines. Always offering uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. The innovative technology in Bosch coffee machines provide guaranteed indulgence.


My Way 2 - black coffee machine

Usually £139.99
Special Price £69.99

VIVY 2 (T140) - Real Black

  • 16 Servings
  • Size XL
Special Price £4.99 Regular Price £4.99


My Way 2 - red coffee machine

Usually £139.99
Special Price £69.99

What makes TASSIMO so special?

TASSIMO is not just another Bosch coffee machine. The TASSIMO hot beverage system can make you over 70 different hot drinks, all at the touch of one button. We teamed up with the best brands to offer you a broad range of delicious drinks. Including premium brands such as L’OR, Costa and Jacobs. No matter what drink is your favourite, TASSIMO can make it. With INTELLIBREW™ Barcode Technology, your machine will read the barcode on every single T DISC. INTELLIBREW™ Barcode Technology automatically adjusts the brewing time, temperature and amount of water to precision. Your favourite coffee, perfect, easy, every time.

T DISCs: coffee pods for Bosch TASSIMO machines

Compatible pods for Bosch TASSIMO coffee machines are called T DISCs. These T DISCs include a barcode on the top, making sure your machine understands what drink it is. You can find a broad range of coffee pods in our webshop. TASSIMO offers a big variety of hot drinks, ranging from cappuccino to hot chocolates. Whether it’s a creamy latte, delicious cappuccino, intense espresso or a long black coffee, TASSIMO makes it at the touch of one button. Our T DISCs guide will help you find your favourite drinks to make at home with TASSIMO pods.

Feeling inspired?

Machine comparison

Which coffee machine to buy? Compare the TASSIMO machines, discover the differences and find your perfect match!

How to descale your machine

Keep your TASSIMO machine in perfect working order with our descaling tablets

The TASSIMO coffee story

Our beans have quite the journey before they end up as your delicious morning coffee. Curious?

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