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Kenco Flat White

Kenco Flat White

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TASSIMO Kenco Flat White pods

  • Make your favourite Flat White at home with TASSIMO Kenco Flat White pods

  • Intense coffee flavour with a silky soft layer of milk

  • Serve TASSIMO Kenco Flat White in a coffee cup

  • One package contains 16 T DISCs to create 8 cups of Flat White

  • TASSIMO Kenco Flat White pods can be used exclusively with your TASSIMO Machine

How to make TASSIMO Kenco Flat White?

To make your TASSIMO Kenco Flat White you need two T DISCs from the package. One is the espresso pod and the other the milk pod. First take the espresso T DISC and insert it into the TASSIMO machine, barcode facing down. Press the button. Afterwards replace it with the milk T DISC and press the button again. Stir the flat white and enjoy this richly intense drink!

Tassimo branded kencoTassimo branded kenco

Taste Kenco's passion for coffee with TASSIMO

Kenco brings passion to your TASSIMO coffee. Delivering the finest coffee since 1923, their slogan is simple: ‘Coffee is what we do. It’s all we’ve ever done’. That is why TASSIMO partnered with Kenco to produce TASSIMO Kenco coffee pods. You can taste this dedication in every quality cup of coffee. Ranging from Kenco Americano Smooth or Pure Colombian to Kenco Flat White or Mocha, no matter what type of coffee you prefer, there is always a Kenco T DISC you will enjoy.


Cream (from MILK) (29%), roast and ground coffee (25%), sugar, milk protein concentrate, water, milk minerals, salt, thickener (E414), acidity regulator (E331).

Nutrition information


Per 100 g

Per serving (310 ml)

% per serving (310 ml)*


130 kJ / 31 kcal

305 kJ / 73 kcal



2 g

4.8 g


(of which saturates)

1.4 g

3.2 g



5.9 g

7.5 g


(of which sugars)

2.5 g

5.8 g



0.1 g

0.3 g



0.3 g

0.8 g



0.11 g

0.25 g


* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal)

Product information




ml per serving


Net weight (gr)


How to store

Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from light.

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