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L’OR Espresso

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Entice your senses with L’OR coffee pods for TASSIMO

L'OR Espresso and TASSIMO teamed up to develop a range of TASSIMO L’OR coffee pods to indulge yourself with. Bringing the fiery taste varieties made of high quality roasted and ground beans that L’OR Espresso is famous for. The range of L’OR T DISCS include the famous espresso, lungo and ristretto variants. Special coffee variants are also available. Such as the tasty Skinny Latte Macchiato, L’OR Latte Macchiato Caramel, but don’t forget to try the premium flavours TASSIMO L’OR Cappuccino or the dark roasted L’OR XL Classique for a full cup of rich tasting coffee. Do you prefer the full flavour experience without any caffeine? TASSIMO also offers L’OR Espresso decaf T DISCS, with a citrussy and unique flavour for a delicious hot espresso.


L’OR Espresso brings an intensity of flavours to your TASSIMO

L’OR T DISCS for TASSIMO are an optimal way to enjoy the best of what coffee has to offer. With a wide variety, you can discover new flavourful coffee every day. Enjoy bold and balanced tastes packed into small pods. Brewed to perfection by your TASSIMO coffee machine, topped with a delicate creamy layer. Order your L’OR T DISCS easily at TASSIMO and have a wold of flavour delivered to your doorstep.

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