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    TASSIMO Kenco Flat White pods
    Kenco Flat White
    • 8 pods
    • Size L
    Special Price £3.74 Regular Price £4.99
  2. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Americano Grande pods
    Kenco Americano Grande
    • 16 pods
    • Size XL
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
  3. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Pure Colombian pods
    Kenco Pure Colombian
    • 16 pods
    • Size L
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
  4. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Americano Smooth pods
    Kenco Americano Smooth
    • 16 pods
    • Size L
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
  5. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Cappuccino pods
    Kenco Cappuccino
    • 8 pods
    • Size L
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
  6. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Mocha pods
    Kenco Mocha
    • 8 pods
    • Size M
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
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TASSIMO Kenco T DISCS: your favourite Kenco Coffee at home

Kenco coffee pods for TASSIMO: quality in a cup

You can now enjoy your favourite Kenco coffee quick and easy from your TASSIMO coffee machine. No matter what type of coffee you prefer, there is always a Kenco coffee pod you will enjoy. For black coffee lovers, Kenco offers Americano Smooth: a rich and aromatic coffee. Another option is Kenco Colombian, with a subtle citrus flavour from Colombia’s finest Arabica beans, also available as an XL Grande cup. If you prefer a milky coffee, Kenco Cappuccino is a smooth and well balanced frothy cappuccino. For something sweeter, why not try Kenco Mocha? Do you prefer to drink your coffee decaffeinated? TASSIMO also offers Kenco Decaf Americano, a well-balanced decaffeinated roast and ground. Experience Kenco in your TASSIMO coffee machine and make your at home coffee a real delight. With TASSIMO, you can be your own barista.


Taste the coffee passion

Kenco brings passion to your TASSIMO. You’ll taste Kenco’s passion for coffee. With TASSIMO Kenco T DISCS, you can have your favourite Kenco coffee whenever you want. Discover the broad range of flavours and coffee types of Kenco. Choosing TASSIMO Kenco discs is choosing expertly roasted and ground coffee beans made especially for you. With TASSIMO your Kenco coffee will be brewed to perfection due to INTELLIBREW technology in TASSIMO coffee makers. Order your Kenco coffee pods at TASSIMO within one click and have a delightful coffee treat in your own home!

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