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When you own a coffee machine, you’re probably used to the golden-coloured foam on top of your morning espresso. This foam is known as coffee crema or as the Italian variant: Caffè Crema. What is coffee crema? And does all coffee have crema? Let’s dive deeper into the ins and outs of this silky topping.

What is coffee crema?

Coffee crema is the tan silky froth that sits on top of your black coffee. It is formed by the brewing method of your machine. During the brewing, fine air bubbles are produced and form a thick golden layer on top of your coffee. It is this layer of golden foam that is referred to as crema. TASSIMO offers a wide variety of crema coffees for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Have a look at our black coffee range, from espresso pods to the well-known Jacobs Caffè Crema pods.

What is the origin of caffè crema?

Caffè Crema can be translated from Italian to ‘Cream Coffee’, but it has nothing to do with the cream you might add to your coffee. The term ‘Caffè Crema’ was used to describe the drink we now know as ‘Espresso’ in the 1940s, 1950s. In some parts of Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy, people still drink ‘Caffè Crema’. There it refers to a longer type of espresso, which is brewed with more water than a regular espresso. The Jacobs Caffè Crema pods for TASSIMO can be compared to this coffee drink, with a velvety golden crema on top of the coffee.

Does all coffee have a crema layer?

No, not all coffee has crema. You can have a filter coffee or Americano which, due to the way they are brewed, have little or no crema. Filter coffee, or drip coffee, is made by allowing hot water to pass through a paper filter containing ground coffee. In coffee shops, an Americano is prepared by brewing espresso then adding hot water to create a long black coffee with no crema layer. TASSIMO has a broad variety of filter coffee pods without crema for you to explore.


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How to make a good coffee crema with TASSIMO?

Making coffee has never been easier. Find your favourite coffee pods in our webshop. The image will show if that coffee will have a crema layer or not. With the smart TASSIMO coffee machines, you can enjoy various sizes and types of black crema coffee at the touch of a button. Simply turn on your coffee pod machine and insert the black coffee T DISC of your choice. Place a mug or glass on the tray, press the button and watch as the coffee is perfectly brewed. Your coffee will be ready within seconds! Your TASSIMO machine will make sure you get the perfect, golden crema layer on top of your coffee. Enjoy!

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