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Coffee Subscription FAQs

Coffee Subscription FAQs

1. You can't start a new Tassimo Subscriptions at the moment.

We are working on a new and better solution to offer subscriptions. Want to be the first to know when we will launch? Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.


2. Do you already have a Tassimo Subscription?

No worries! Your subsciption will end automatically on 27.05.2024. Please, check the FAQ below if you have any question.


3. Why is my existing subscription not available anymore?

We are working on a new and better solution to offer subscriptions.

4. I liked my subscription! What alternative do I have?

Check your inbox! You have received by mail 4 promotional vouchers with exclusive promotions for compensation. If you have not received any email, please contact our consumer service. Looking for another way to buy your coffee or a new coffee machine? Have a look at our current promotions.


5. Will the subscriptions be available again in the future?

Yes! Want to be the first to know when we will launch our new subscriptions? Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.


6. Can I change the type of subscription that I have?

It is not possible to change your subscription at the moment.

7. When will the last package be shipped to me?

After 27.05.2024, no new orders will be created nor subscriptions'orders that happen to be scheduled later than this date will be shipped.


8. When will the payments stop processing?

No payments will be processed after disabling the subscriptions. Example if your order is invoices on day 27.05.2024, the payment will not be processed.


9. What happens to my suspended subscription?

Suspended subscriptions will be automatically stopped as of 27.05.2024.


10. Will my subscription stop automatically? Or do I have to do something and cancel it?

Your subscription is going to stop automatically, you don't have to do any specific action.


11. How do I know when my subscription has ended?

Your subscription will end automatically from 27.05.2024 without any action needed from your side.


12. Will I receive a notice of termination of the subscription agreement?

Yes, you will receive a notice of termination via e-mail the day after your subscription is terminated, therefore 27.05.2024.


13. I have a Machine subscription with a one-year commitment. Will I be able to keep the machine when the subscription ends?

Yes, the machine is yours for good, with no commitment to future coffee deliveries. There is no charge for keeping the machine.


Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Please, check here.


Merge your baskets?

We found products in your shopping basket in your account. Would you like to add those products into your current basket?

Your previously added products will be removed.

To checkout your subscription plan, we need to remove all previous added products in your basket. Unfortunately it’s not possible to checkout your subscription plan combined with normal products.

You have to finish subscription purchase before adding any products