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Podback Drop Off Plastic Pod Recycling Bag

Podback Drop Off Plastic Pod Recycling Bag

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About Podback

Podback is a coffee pod recycling service created in partnership with the biggest names in coffee pod systems - Nespresso, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto and Tassimo, to give people who enjoy the quality and taste of coffee pods a simple way to recycle them. Podback bags are added to every order made through our website making it simple and easy to recycle your used pods.

Ways to recycle



With Kerbside you simply fill your Podback Kerbside recycling bag with used pods and leave it outside with your other household rubbish. You will need to register for Kerbside through the Podback website.

  1. Check if Kerbside collection is available in your area and register for Kerbside on the Podback website.
  2. Fill your bag with used pods.
  3. Leave your filled Podback Kerbside bags out with your other household rubbish.
  4. Your Podback Kerbside bags will be collected and your pods taken for processing.

Drop Off

With Drop Off you can take your filled Podback recycling bag to your nearest Collect+ store. Collect+ have over 7,000 local stores, open seven days a week, offering a place to drop off your recycling bags. You will need a label to return your podback drop off bag with collect+. These can be found on the Collect+ website and printed at home or in any Collect+ store for free.

  1. Your Drop Off Podback bags will be sent to you with your order. The quantity of Podback bags you’ll receive are based on the number of packs within your order.
  2. Fill your bags with used pods.
  3. Visit the Collect+ website download your label and find your nearest Collect+ store.
  4. Take your filled Podback recycling bags to one of the over 7,000 Collect+ stores.

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