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What is Lungo coffee?

Coffee brings comfort, warmth, energy, and sometimes it helps bring conversations to life. Among the multiple varieties that exist, one that stands out due its unique preparation method is Lungo. Let's delve deeper into understanding what Lungo coffee is, its origins, how it's made, and how it tastes. Hopefully, this exploration can guide your next coffee adventure or simply make your coffee break more immersive.

Origins of Lungo

Derived from Italian, the term 'Lungo' translates to 'long'. This is a direct reference to the extended brewing process by which it is created. A typical Espresso shot uses around 25-30ml of water, but in Lungo, this is almost doubled, resting between 50-60ml of water.


Lungo is not a specific bean or a blend, it's the process that brings out the peculiar flavor distinct from other espresso-based drinks. In Italy and much of Europe, Lungo is a popular choice, particularly among those who prefer lightly flavored coffee that can be leisurely savored.

How is Lungo coffee made?

Lungo is a product of stretching the extraction process to allow more water to flow through when pulling the espresso shot. Here's how it's done:


  • Firstly, a usual dose of espresso grind (somewhere around 7 to 12 grams) is used in the portafilter.
  • The Espresso coffee machine is then set to pour about twice the amount of water as a typical Espresso shot -approximately 50-60ml. This process takes anywhere between 40 to 60 seconds depending on the machine.
  • Remember, the grind size used for an Espresso and a Lungo remains the same, it’s the amount of water and the extraction time that varies.

The flavor profile

Just like every other coffee variation, the quality of a Lungo greatly depends on the quality of beans and the brewing process. It is also often enjoyed without milk or sugar, allowing the drinker to fully experience the rich and full-bodied flavor. However, you may also add milk to tone down the strong flavor if you prefer.


While each coffee-inspired adventure brings personal tastes and preferences to the forefront, the experience goes beyond that. Coffee, at its heart, is about culture, foreign lands, traditional brewing methods, and centuries-old love for the enticingly smooth aroma. And with Lungo, you get to experience all this in one strong, full-bodied, and flavorful cup of coffee.


In its bitterness lies its strength, and through its distinctive flavor profile, Lungo introduces you to an entirely new facet of coffee. Savoring a Lungo means giving your senses a chance to explore this full cup of intricacy, one sip at a time.

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Concluding Sip 

So the next time you wish to experiment with your usual cup of coffee, ask for a Lungo. The gods of coffee have certainly spent some favorite moments creating this variant. Everything from the double-shot of water to the deliberately drawn-out extraction process, Lungo embodies the very essence of slowing down and living life as it truly ought to be - to the fullest!

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