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coffee is what we do
Kenco Coffee has embodied quality and equality for almost 100 years. ‘Coffee is what we do. It’s all we’ve ever done’. From the first London coffee shop to the first woman on the board. Making coffee... Simple. Shop Kenco
With nearly a century of expertise up his sleeve, the Cofficionado is able to select the finest coffee beans from across the world, and turn them into something legendary.
From growing and harvesting, to roasting and blending – the Cofficionado is dedicated to a complex process that gives you the best tasting coffee possible. Legend has it that the Cofficionado can tell how you like your coffee, just by looking at you. To be a Cofficionado is to be knowledgeable and passionate about all things coffee, and never settling for anything less than the best. Are you a Cofficionado?
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Kenco coffee
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Bring passion to your coffee
Kenco brings passion to your TASSIMO coffee. Delivering the finest coffee since 1923, their slogan is simple: ‘Coffee is what we do. It’s all we’ve ever done’. TASSIMO offers Kenco coffee for you to taste this dedication in every quality cup of coffee. Ranging from Kenco Americano Smooth or Pure Colombian to Kenco Flat White or Mocha, no matter what type of coffee you prefer, there is always a Kenco T DISC you will enjoy.
Only settle for the best with Kenco T DISCS for your TASSIMO machine
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This is a great way of enjoying a delicious treat!
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