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Prep time

5 minutes


1 person


TASSIMO L’OR Espresso Fortissimo or L'OR Espresso Delizioso

We think this coffee recipe will become one of your favourites, as it contains two of the best ingredients: coffee and chocolate. Both coffee and cocoa beans share a lot in common, such as the aroma. So it’s no secret that coffee and chocolate pair really well together, whilst still maintaining their own unique characteristics. Over the Easter holidays you will probably already have the ingredients in your cupboard and you can use them to create a delicious Easter treat or dessert or just a moment to yourself.

What’s an eggspresso?

Basically, an eggspresso is an espresso served in a hollow Easter egg. The chocolate will melt in the coffee, resulting in a delicious drink. Follow the recipe below to create your own eggspresso!


For 1 eggspresso

  • 1 cup of espresso, we recommend TASSIMO L'OR Espresso Fortissimo or L'OR Espresso Delizioso
  • 1 hollowed chocolate Easter egg that fits your coffee cup
  • Optional: whipped cream as topping
  • You can use one big chocolate Easter egg or a few small chocolate Easter eggs. Just use as many small pure or milk chocolate eggs as you like.

Do you like the taste of chocolate and coffee but don’t have Easter eggs at home or don’t like the hassle of it? We recommend our chocolate mochas, like: Kenco Mocha.


  1. Take a hollowed Easter egg and cut the top
  2. Put the chocolate egg in a coffee or espresso cup. We recommend a glass cup, perhaps a TASSIMO espresso glass, so you can see the delicious chocolate from the outside.
  3. Place your favourite TASSIMO espresso T DISC in your TASSIMO coffee machine
  4. (Try to) pour your cup of espresso in the chocolate egg
  5. Additional: add whipped cream on top
  6. As you sip, your espresso will melt your chocolate egg and you will experience a warming sensation. You might want to stir your coffee a bit to fully enjoy!

Products used

Feeling inspired?


Toffee and coffee are a match made in flavour heaven.


The coffee cake has a wonderful coffee note, so it’s perfect to enjoy already in the morning.


A luxurious pairing that blends the rich aromas of vanilla and coffee with thick, delicious whipped cream.

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