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Over the past years, a small coffee revolution has taken place. Coffee menus have expanded largely with new types and flavours. Want to discover your favourite coffee type? Read along! Will you have your friends or family visiting soon? Now you will know how to show off with all different kind of coffees, including the favourites of your loved ones.


An espresso is a little shot of strong espresso coffee that is often served in a cup known as a demitasse. French for "half cup". It consists of hot water that is expressed (under pressure) through 8-10 grams of finely-ground coffee beans, within 25 to 30 seconds. If you are looking for something stronger, you can order a double espresso (or doppio). Espresso can be enjoyed with milk to make almost every other type of coffee drink. Whether you want a cappuccino, latte macchiato or mocha..


A delicious drink that is common in many countries. In Italy it is considered a breakfast drinks and so locals prefer to drink a cappuccino before 11 in the morning. It is not common to order a milky drink after lunch or dinner, espresso is preferred instead. Especially as lunch often includes heavy meals like pasta. A cappuccino is made up of one third steamed milk, one third espresso and one third of milk foam.


Latte Macchiato is the favourite drink for many of us. First put your milky T DISC into the machine to be prepared. Then replace with your espresso T DISC and let the machine pour on top of milk. This is the difference between caffe latte and latte macchiato. Cafe Latte is made with cofee first. A latte macchiato is a layered drink that features more foam rather than just hot milk. The "macchia" is the little spot of crema on top of the milk to distinguish that is a latte macchiatto and not a caffe latte. The outcome is a drink wth three perfect layers" milk, espresso and foam.

mocha coffee

A Caffe Mocha is considered a delicious treat for you & your loved ones. You would impress your friends and family with this lovely coffee and chocolate drink, no doubt! Made from espresso, milk, chocolate and whipped cream this Italian coffee drink can be easily prepared at home with your mocha T DISC . You only have to add the whipped cream after. Convenient right? What about serving it as a dessert? Delightful!

Black coffee: The difference between Americano, lungo, café crema & long black

Have you experienced ordering a ‘regular’ black coffee, but getting confused by the different types of black coffee? Each version has its own brewing process and intensity. Let’s dive into the definitions of the following black coffees: americano, lungo, café crema and a long black.


To prepare an americano you just need serve an espresso in a large glass and add plenty of hot water. You can use our Costa T DISC to create one.


A lungo is simply an espresso that has been brewed for longer and with more water added. Lungo can be roughly translated to "Long coffee" because the brewing process can take upto a minute. The taste will be slightly more bitter because more water has passed throygh the coffee.


The preparation of the black coffee is comparable with the americano, but the other way around. Instead of adding water at the end, you pour hot water first and add a double espresso afterwards.

Feeling inspired?


Discover easy coffee recipes, which can be made using a T DISC and your TASSIMO machine.


We are here to help you discover the differences between the milky coffees: latte, latte macchiato, cappuccino and flat white.


Which coffee machine to buy? Compare the TASSIMO machines, discover the differences and find your perfect match!

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