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Cortado coffee

In the world of coffee, there is an expansive vocabulary of international names and intricate techniques that can become a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. Among these is the intriguingly titled 'Cortado'. Steeped in Spanish and Portuguese coffee culture, the Cortado is a lesser-known, yet immense coffee experience that any coffee enthusiast should explore.

What is Cortado Coffee?

A Cortado, derived from the Spanish verb 'cortar', meaning 'to cut', is an espresso 'cut' with a roughly equal amount of warm milk. This is to reduce the acidity while maintaining a strong coffee flavor. In essence, the Cortado strikes a harmonious balance between milk and espresso that distinguishes it from other beverages like the latte or cappuccino, which are more milk-heavy.

The Cortado: recipe and preparation

A classic Cortado is made up of two parts: one part espresso, one part steamed milk. It's regularly served in a small, transparent glass, allowing the rich and creamy symmetry to be visually enjoyed as well. Here is a step-by-step guide to preparing a traditional Cortado:




  • 1 shot of espresso (about 30 ml)
  • 30 ml of warm, evenly frothed milk
  • A small, transparent glass cup



  1. Begin by brewing a shot of espresso into the glass cup.
  2. Heat your milk, ensuring that it's evenly frothed but not overly foamy. The goal is to create a layer of 'microfoam', thinner than that of a latte but smoother than that of a cappuccino.
  3. Slowly pour the warm milk into the shot of espresso, maintaining a gentle stir to ensure an ideal mix of the two.

Voila! Your Cortado is ready. It should present a balanced mix with no visible layers when poured correctly.

Cortado coffee made with TASSIMO T DISCs

If you're looking to create the delicious taste of a Cortado at home, the TASSIMO coffee machine and Tassimo T DISCs are a perfect choice. With the TASSIMO system, you can enjoy a range of coffee beverages, including espressos and lungos, with the convenience of a single-serve brew. With the TASSIMO machine and T DISCs, you can easily prepare a delicious Cortado in the comfort of your own home.

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The Final Sip

As we delve into the world of coffee, we realize that each style, each preparation method, each combination, tells a unique story of the region and culture from whence it hailed. Every cup is an invitation to explore this rich tapestry of taste and tradition. When it comes to the Cortado, it stands as the crystallization of balance, blending the intensity of the espresso with the gentleness of milk to craft a drink that's equal parts bold and delicately smooth. So the next time you drop by your local café or feel like preparing a cup at home, give the Cortado a shot, literally!

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