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Homemade Cinnamon Coffee


5 minutes


1 person


1 Coffee capsule, try our Costa Americano

In the mood for coffee but looking for something special? Try coffee with cinnamon, it’s a splendid taste combination. Our cinnamon coffee recipe is a real cold weather winner. Fast, simple and a taste sensation, there’s no reason not to try it now. This cinnamon coffee is also a great holiday treat to serve your friends and family this season. Below you’ll find our easy cinnamon coffee recipe.


For 1 Homemade Cinnamon Coffee: 

You'll need

How to make Cinnamon Coffee

  1. Turn on your TASSIMO Machine
  2. Choose your favourite mug for the Cinnamon Coffee
  3. Place the cinnamon stick in your mug
  4. Insert a T DISC in your machine, we recommend Costa Americano or Kenco Pure Colombian
  5. Put your mug containing the cinnamon stick in position and brew the coffee
  6. As it brews, stir through it with the cinnamon stick
  7. Once the brewing is complete, your cinnamon coffee is ready to enjoy!
  8. You can also add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon to the coffee.

Not only is cinnamon coffee lovely to drink, it’s good for you too. In addition to warming you up and the pure pleasure of coffee, cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar and it’s a source of calcium, fibre, and iron.

So, enjoy your coffee with cinnamon and take care of your body at the same time!




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