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Coffee pod machines

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    TASSIMO Happy Red Machine + Best Sellers 5 Pack Bundle
    £44.99 Regular Price £132.34
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    TASSIMO Happy Red - White Machine + Best Sellers 5 Pack Bundle
    £44.99 Regular Price £132.34
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    TASSIMO Happy Wild Purpe Machine + Best Sellers 5 Pack Bundle
    £44.99 Regular Price £132.34
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    TASSIMO Happy Black Machine + Best Sellers 5 Pack Bundle
    £44.99 Regular Price £132.34
5 Products
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Discover TASSIMO Machines: affordable coffee pod machines

Meet the family of TASSIMO coffee machines. Looking for a coffee pod machine, serving multiple hot drinks? A TASSIMO machine is the right choice! Smart, compact and easy to use. All TASSIMO machines are created by Bosch, famous for its quality and innovation. Intellibrew™ technology makes your coffee machine smart. By reading the barcode on the T DISC, your TASSIMO machine knows exactly how to create the perfect drink. Ready at the push of a button! No more hassle measuring the right amount of milk or setting the temperature.

Which Bosch TASSIMO machine is right for you?

TASSIMO offers a broad range of coffee and hot beverage machines. Which coffee machine should you choose? TASSIMO HAPPY, TASSIMO MY WAY, TASSIMO VIVY, TASSIMO SUNY or TASSIMO CADDY? The TASSIMO HAPPY has a unique design and will look good in every kitchen. TASSIMO MY WAY adds a touch of personality to your drink. You can create your own settings. Looking for a compact coffee machine? TASSIMO VIVY is the one for you! TASSIMO SUNY is the easiest machine.

How to use your TASSIMO?

All TASSIMO machines are easy to use. Whether you choose the innovative TASSIMO MY WAY or the TASSIMO HAPPY, everyone will be able to brew their favourite hot drink. First buy your T DISCs, these TASSIMO pods are compatible with all TASSIMO machines. Already have your T DISCs? Turn your coffee machine on and just simply insert a tea, hot chocolate or coffee pod of your choice into your machine. Place a cup or mug on the cup stand. Press the button and your drink will be ready within seconds. Have a look at the manual before using your new coffee pod machine. Read about how to use a TASSIMO machine and the instructions for maintenance.

What coffee pods are compatible with TASSIMO?

All official TASSIMO coffee pods, T DISCs, are compatible with every TASSIMO machine. We offer a wide range of coffee types and hot drinks. From the classic coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte to speciality coffees such as cortado or iced latte pods. Or choose from our different blends of tea or have a spicy chai latte. To warm up on cold evenings, try a delicious hot chocolate. All these pods are created together with exclusive coffee brands. Try our Cadbury, Jacobs, Oreo or Costa coffee pods. Also have a look at our best-selling pods.

How to register your TASSIMO coffee machine?

After buying one of our Bosch TASSIMO coffee pod machines you have the option to register your machine. This comes with a lot of advantages: a discount on your first order, but also personal offers, tips and recommendations. Follow the steps for TASSIMO machine registration.

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