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XL pods

  1. Add to Compare TASSIMO Kenco Americano Grande pods
    Kenco Americano Grande
    • 16 pods
    • Size XL
    Special Price £3.99 Regular Price £4.99
  2. Add to Compare TASSIMO Jacobs Caffè Crema Intenso XL pods
    Special Price £4.39 Regular Price £5.49
  3. Add to Compare TASSIMO L’OR XL Classique pods
    L’OR XL Classique
    • 16 pods
    • Size XL
    Special Price £4.39 Regular Price £5.49
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TASSIMO capsule XL assortment

In addition to the Lungo, Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino T DISCs offered by TASSIMO, we now have XL coffee pods. The TASSIMO machine recognizes from the barcode that the T DISC is an XL coffee pod. With the XL pods, you can make larger coffees using only 1 T DISC, who wouldn't want to enjoy a bigger cup of coffee?

TASSIMO XL cup size

The XL capsules are recognized by the TASSIMO machine through the barcode. The machine reads from the barcode that this is an XL pod and knows exactly how much coffee to brew. That means that you don't have to make coffee as often and you get the same great tasting coffee in return. We recommend a TASSIMO XL cup size using the largest possible cup that will hold more than 250 ml. That way, you’ll have enough space to add extras to your coffee, such as milk.


A Lungo T DISC contains approximately 120 ml for 1 drink but an Espresso, for example, contains 60 ml. Among all the different types of TASSIMO drinks, you can choose your perfect one! The TASSIMO XL size contains 250 ml for 1 drink .The XL pods are ideal if you need a large cup of coffee in the morning. In addition, the XL pods are also extremely handy if you have to go to work early and want to take a cup of coffee with you on the train or in the car. With the XL pod you can make a large cup of coffee with only 1 T DISC so you can easily take it with you in your KeepCup.

TASSIMO XL coffee types

We offer different types of coffee in the XL pods. For example, we have L'OR XL Intense. The dark-roasted beans make this a strong coffee. In addition, the coffee has a full, rich aroma and flavour that you’re sure to love. The L'OR XL Classique Americano features a rich, aromatic, dark roast that provides a delicious full-bodied coffee. Our XL pods come in 16 T Discs per pack. So you can make 16 delicious XL coffees.  

Buy TASSIMO XL coffee pods

Buy XL coffee pods online at TASSIMO and enjoy your coffee of choice. There are different types of XL pods so you can choose which XL pod you want to use. Order them directly online at TASSIMO.

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