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Latte Coffee Pods

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Looking for latte pods? Find your favourite latte pods here. It has never been easier to create a Latte Macchiato at home. Ranging from skinny latte pods, latte macchiato T DISCs to caramel latte pods. Try them all!

Enjoy a latte at home with TASSIMO Latte pods

Latte lover? Try TASSIMO latte pods and create a latte macchiato, skinny latte or caramel latte at home. Simply insert the milk T DISC first and the latte T DISC afterwards to create beautiful layers. Choose Costa latte pods, Costa caramel latte pods, L’OR latte macchiato or Gevalia Latte Macchiato Less Sweet. You’re going to love TASSIMO latte T DISCS!

Latte pods for TASSIMO coffee machine

Our range of latte T DISCS includes different latte macchiato pods, latte macchiato caramel pods and skinny latte T DISCS. Choose the latte macchiato of your choosing. Taste them and choose your favourite!

Looking for some extra flavours? Try the vanilla latte capsules or the coconut white latte pods!

Did you know that all official TASSIMO coffee pods and T DISCs are compatible with every TASSIMO machine? This means that your latte macchiato coffee capsules will fit into all TASSIMO machines as well. Take a look at all coffee machines to discover which one you prefer.

What is a Latte Macchiato?

A Latte Macchiato is a coffee-based drink created by mixing espresso and milk. Latte macchiato means milk that has been ‘stained’ or ‘marked’. This makes sense because a latte consists of ⅔ steamed milk and ⅓ espresso. When making a latte macchiato you start with the steamed milk and then you add the espresso to your cup.

How to make a Latte Macchiato with TASSIMO?

As described above, it is not that hard to make a delicious Latte Macchiato yourself. Make sure that the milk that you are using is warmed up and that you start by pouring the milk into the glass. Then add the espresso. With TASSIMO it has never been easier to create a Latte Macchiato at home. You'll only need two T DISCS: a milk pod and an espresso pod. Place a latte glass under the spout on your machine. Shake the milk pod and insert in your TASSIMO machine. Press the button. Once the milk has been dispensed, remove the milk pod and insert the espresso capsules. Press the button and wait. Your three-layered Latte Macchiato will be ready in seconds.

Latte Macchiato vs Latte: is there a difference between a Latte Macchiato and a Latte?

Is there a difference between a latte macchiato and a latte? The difference between these two types of coffees is the way they are poured. With a latte macchiato you start with the milk and then add the espresso pods. This ensures that the latte macchiato is layered perfectly. Are you making a latte? Then you should start with the espresso and add the milk after. So the difference is not in the ingredients being used, the difference is in the way you prepare the cup.

Latte Macchiato accessories

Have you already ordered your regular latte Macchiato pods or one of the flavoured Latte Macchiato pods? Then it might be a good idea to take a look at the Latte Macchiato accessories, too. Here you will find cups, glasses, mugs and pod holders to keep your latte macchiato coffee pods organised. Looking for a sustainable accessory? With the Podback Drop Off plastic pod recycling bag, recycling your used coffee pods will be as easy making pod coffees at home!

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